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October 3, 2008 Categories: Me, Miscellaneous, and Video Games. Tags: Comics, DSi, Nintendo, and Review. 1 Comment on Hiatus and Nintendo DSi

First off, I regret to inform everyone the my segment “T-Day Game Reviews” will be put on hold for a while until I make my own website with all my game reviews so don’t get freak out and think differently about the decision. I’ll be updating my progress on the blog just to let people know my progress.

I’m sure we all know the Nintendo released yesterday a new DS and you assume I be happy about it… well in a way I am but I bought the DS Lite last month… man I spent $94.00 (I don’t count change) on it by trading my old one makes me very upset about it and I don’t know what to do now… I need some more thing time and I have until next year to think about it.

Enjoy everyone

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Yeah, you have about a year to think about it haha. I don’t think it’ll offer much more to the table than the Lite already does. Only reason I’m getting one is I collect video games (which is apparent by the stack I haven’t touched yet..sigh)

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