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October 6, 2008 Categories: Anime/Manga, Me, Miscellaneous, and MS Paint. Tags: Anime, Manga, MS Paint, Review, and Username. 1 Comment on Progress on T-Day Reviews and MS Paint

I’ve decided to forget the idea of aming my own website for the T-Day Game Reviews and make a new page on my blog because I tried to make one on Freewebs but it was a complete bust so I’ll have to wait until I’m more experienced in web design.

Here’s some sample of my MS Paint work:

My Username Logo

The Blue flame with skull is suppose to be from Bleach and to me it’s crappy

I don’t own MS Paint so don’t sue me… Please

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They won’t sue you. Everyone on the planet with windows has MSpaint haha. It’s perfectly fine to make pictures in it and put them on the internet. I do it all the time…but with photoshop.

Web design is indeed tough to learn at first, but it can be done. Just keep practicing.

In the mean time, these blogs are great for reviews and stuff.

have you tried using a plugin or widget on your blog?

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