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May 4, 2009 Categories: Anime/Manga, Game Reviews, Me, Miscellaneous, Television, Television Show Review, and Video Games. Tags: Donkey Kong, Game Reviews, Mario, Mario Party, Naruto, Television, TV Show Reviews, and Video Games. No Comments on Announcement: Games, TV, New Stuff, and much much more…

Sorry Part for my inactivity I’ve been busy since its my senior year, but anyways I’ve got some more great review of video games and plan to get some more during this long, and by long I mean since I’m heading to college soon and all, so I’ll be sure to keep you all informed. Expect a review tonight of my first official review of my first Naruto game Naruto Clash of Ninja.

I also have a reason for there not being another TV review is because I’m not sure what show to review yet so I’ll think of one soon… Hopefully.

As for new stuff, I plan to start a new section for rants because I’ve always wanted to rant on about something on the Internet.

So see you all later.

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