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May 4, 2009 Categories: Anime/Manga, Game Reviews, and Video Games. Tags: Game Reviews, Gamecube, Naruto, Nintendo, and Video Games. No Comments on Epic Game Review Naruto: Clash of Ninja

Since I did the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm review, I thought I review my first Naruto game that I’ve ever gotten (this is the dub version). I will say this first, the game has some interesting combos and you can play it for hours against computers or your friends. But the games story is very short and there are very limited amount of characters to play as so it was very disappointing for me. Luckily, these fighting games get better as the franchise continues, although, I’ve haven’t played them yet, but I plan to real soon. Nonetheless, I’m a Naruto fan and the game was a decent start to the dub video game versions.

I’m ging it a 7 and hope for the next one to be a bit better

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