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I’ll say this first… this is by far one of  my favorite show of all-time. The show is very funny and the jokes are clever in almost all the episode. For those that don’t know the show, it stars a simple New England family called the Griffins, Peter, the father, Lois, the mother, siblings Chris, Meg,Stewie (my favorite character) and their dog Brian. Of course, this family is far from simple with bizarre and crazy plots that involve celebrity bashing to insane going’s-on in Quahog, Rhode Island. Speaking of celebrities, the creator Seth MacFarlane has even enlisted some famous celebrities to voice-over in the show which makes the show even more exciting to watch. The main voice cast is also impressive with Seth part of his writing team, including Mike Henry (Cleveland Brown) and Alex Borstein (Lois), and well-known actors and actresses like Seth Green as Chris and Mila Kunis as Meg. In fact, the show was so popular that it was cancelled for three years and they brought it back since everyone enjoyed watching the show. Despite all the success, I feel that seasons five and six were very lackluster with only a few good episodes here and there. But, that all changed when season seven came and completely changed my perspective on the whole show. With all this in mind, you can either love this show or hate it… for me I enjoy watching this show.

I give it an A in the end

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