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May 23, 2009 Categories: Game Reviews and Video Games. Tags: Game Reviews, Mario, Nintendo, Video Games, Yoshi, and Yoshi Story. No Comments on Epic Game Review Yoshi’s Story

In this interesting game you play as a herd of Yoshi’s that are on a deadly mission to save the world from the eminent destruction of the free world with the help of John Connor… o sorry I’ve had the Terminator on the mind right now… anyways you play Yoshi’s in attempt to save Baby Mario from Baby Bowser from him playing with… him. Besides the story being a little weird the gameplay is actually pretty good with hard levels and endless Yoshi deaths abound… I mean seriously what do they do to all those Yoshi’s anyways. Each level is a great challenge and the game has some tough bosses too with make it even hard for most casual gamers. My only other fault is that the game may be too challenging and you may lose so much frustration will take over and you may lose a controller. Besides that it is still a good game and worth playing if your in on platforming action.

I give it an 8

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