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May 29, 2009 Categories: Television and Television Show Review. Tags: Dexter's Laboratory, Television, TV Corner, and TV Show Reviews. No Comments on TV Corner with ctizz36 Dexter’s Laboratory

This tripLaborle review is dedicated to the talented Director,Producer, and Writer Genndy Tartakovsky who was apart of some of the best cartoons made for Cartoon Network. The first is Dexter’s Laboratory which is basically a boy genius who has a secret Lab and has strange adventure that either involve science or covering up his “secret” Lab. He lives with his oblivious parents and his stupid sister Dee Dee who always break his Lab and experiments. Anyways, I have to admit in earlier episodes the show was enjoyable with new and exciting things happening to this interesting little boy. There are even some episodes that even included some parodies of other show in the 90’s which I enjoyed and I’m also very nostalgic as well. Another thing that I enjoyed while watching the show, would be the sub show like the Justice Friends and Dial M for Monkey, which were very humorous for me. The show even had a good movie which was not only funny, but even had its own level of drama. As you can see I enjoyed this show… from 1996 to 1999… you see the show came back in 2001, but the show just completely changed, in my opinion, the animation, voice actors and the stories were just bland and weird. I mean it was okay just wasn’t 1996-1999 greatness for myself. The overall show was good and worth watching, but the hiatus just ruined to show for me in the end.

I give the show a B+

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