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May 29, 2009 Categories: Television and Television Show Review. Tags: Samurai Jack, Television, TV Corner, and TV Show Reviews. No Comments on TV Corner with ctizz36 Samurai Jack

I know I’m missing the Powerpuff girls, but I’ll leave that for another day and for now I’ll review another one of his great shows. In this cartoon, it is about a boy that lives Japan and his home is taken over by a demon named Aku, who was voiced by Mako, and must become a Samurai and save his village from the wrath of Aku. During the battle, Aku used a trump card and sent our hero into the future so that he won’t interfere with his world domination. Here he, know known as Jack, must save the world by finding a way back home and stopping Aku from taking over the world in the past and for him to return home. Each episode is very dark and epic with intense battle scenes and the show has some interesting supporting characters like the Scotsman, which was one of my favorite characters in the show besides Jack. I will say this, the show is by far the best cartoon every to appear on Cartoon Network and shouldn’t be forgotten by anyone who enjoys good cartoon series. My only concern is that the cartoon seemed to end to early and never finished the story at all, which is very disappointing, let’s hope they bring it back and finish it right.

I give this awesome show an A+

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