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July 16, 2009 Categories: Television and Television Show Review. Tags: Chalkzone, Penny Sanchez, Rudy Tabootie, Snap, Television, TV Corner, and TV Show Reviews. No Comments on TV Corner with ctizz36 Chalkzone

When it comes to interesting concepts in cartoons, this one takes by a long shot for sure. In the show, an avid artist name Rudy Tabootie comes across an entire world of chalk and the various things that were drawn on a chalkboard including his own creations like his father, his “superhero”/friend Snap, his first creation Blocky and a Grandma in a bathtub… okay this kid has problems, I mean who draws a naked Grandma anyways. This kid clearly has problems if this is what he drew in his spare time. But I digress, he is also accompanied by his Friend Penny Sanchez, who is the brains of this group and also the killjoy making everything dull and bland at the same time. In each episode, the trio have many zany adventures, but one stands out the most out of all of them… that one is called “The Smooch”. For some odd reason the trio are in search of a rare bird called the Smooch with feminine features and are accompanied by three Jamaicans and go through the entire episode singing and it just gets weirder from here on out. Despite the weird stories and “music videoes”, this show did have an interesting concept and I can see why they gave it a cartoon series in the first place, but with zany plots and offbeat characters it made the show less enjoyable to watch overall.

I give this cartoon a C-

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