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Alright, let me start off by saying I’m going to review this with a critic’s viewpoint and not as a male reviewing a female cartoon. With that in mind, the show My Life as a Teenage Robot also started off from Oh Yeah! Cartoons as My Neighbor’s a Teenage Robot and when the sow was picked up for a series the animation was drastically change. First off, we have our hero named XJ-9, or Jenny Wakeman, as the series goes through her artificial life as, you guess it, as a Teenage Robot. Jenny is voiced by Janice Kawaye whom may know from other cartoons that have an Asian character like Gi from Captain Planet, Kim and Kam from the short-lived Class of 3000, or even from the video game series Ninja Gaiden’s Ayane. There are other character that are human like her mother Dr. Wakeman, her neighbor friends Brad and Tuck, and rivals the Krust sisters. But, the one character who is the most “interesting” would be Sheldon, who is in love with Jenny. I believe Robot Chicken said it best in the segment with the Highly Advanced Robot “Can you F*ck it?” that says it all. Apart from freaky robot fetish that is Sheldon Oswald Lee, the cartoon has some decent themes like the teenage angst we all go through and the prejudices of being completely different. As for the stories in the show, they aren’t that great, in my opinion. They seem to be just the same thing over and over again with Jenny saving the world or fitting in society or both at the same time. In the end, the show was okay and it even lasted for several years, but it is just for the female demographic and no one else.

I give it a C

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