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September 19, 2009 Categories: Rant. Tags: Bumper Stickers and Rant. No Comments on Rant with Craig: Bumper Stickers

Let me start of by welcoming all who enter my new section on my blog called Rant with Craig where I rant all kinds of things that bother me or other people. So I hope you enjoy my rant and many more in the future.

You want to know what is a real pain to me is the bumper sticker. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy them especially the funny ones, but they are a mess when you want to take them off. For example, you put on a funny bumper sticker on your car and after many years you lose interest in the car and you want to remove it. But as soon as you remove it it either leaves a white or sticky residue on the car that will be permanent on your car forever. The only way to get rid of it is to get a new car and not put a bumper sticker on it at all, but you have to spend thousands on a new car when you could save money on a bumper sticker remover. I believe that they have a removal solution, but they don’t want us to have it at all. I mean is there even something like that even on the market. Another fault I see with bumper stickers are the college ones. These are the ones you put on the back windshield to show drivers where you or your children go to or went to for college. I do enjoy them, but the problem is that what if the student drops out or leaves the school the sticker is a constant reminder of what they could be doing if they didn’t leave the school. As you can see, bumper stickers may be an enjoyable addition to your car, but when you grow tired of them they soon become a nuisance and a real pain to all that have them.

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