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Welcome to a new section called Top Lists where I rank my top 5, 10, or even 15 things and I will start with the Top 5 burgers at Universal Studios Orlando. Why you may ask why?… well during the Summer me and my family and a close friend went to the theme park for six days and at all the restaurants I got a cheeseburger and I decided to rate my favorites while I was there. So lets begin the countdown with number 5:

Number 5:

The Kitchen at the Orlando Hard Rock Hotel

I did enjoy the burger, but it had a kind of fast food kind of taste and the burger was not that juicy at all. Besides that, it was a noteworthy meal and perfect for anyone who wants a quick bite or can’t go anywhere because of inclement weather.

Number 4:

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville

While it is a classic and one of my favorite places of all time, my last trip brought the burger down to the number 4 spot for some odd reason. The burger was good, but not as good the last few years. Like I said before it is a classic and worth your money to get your own cheese burger in paradise. It will rise up again to 2 or even 1 only time will tell. Also, “I like mine with American cheese and bacon and a cold Coke” not as catchy as the song though.

Number 3:

Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando

I was very surprised with this burger because my last time there it was not that great, but the burger was much better this time around. The burger was juicy, the bacon was cooked to perfection and the bun was toasted which is always a plus with me. The only downfall is that it was not as filling as the burgers before it and it made the experience a less enjoyable one. In the end, it deserves this spot on my list.

Number 2:

Nascar Sports Grille

Me and my family always went here last, but this year we decided to eat here first and it was a wise decision. The burger I had there was a great burger in both taste and size. For some reason the cheese there was the best I had while I was on vacation. This really made my eating experience while I was on vacation and prompted the creation of this list in the first place.

And the number 1 burger at Universal Studios Florida is:

NBA City

I enjoy this burger so much and, surprisingly, this was my first time I had a burger there. I usually have the Pizza, but that day I got the burger and it was just well awesome. The burger and bacon were all cook to perfection and taste perfect too. All I can say is that this was a great surprise that this was my favorite and I don’t mind this burger was great and worth it for any burger lovers out there.

Here is my list and remember this is my opinion and my taste buds are a lot different than yours.

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Yeah I can’t wait head back there… Also, that was an awesome trip too 🙂

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