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October 6, 2009 Categories: Top List. Tags: Family Guy, Road to the Multiverse, and Top List. No Comments on Top List: Top 5 Universes from Family Guy’s “Road to the Multiverse”

In the first new episode of Family Guy, both Stewie and Brian travel through multiple universes using a device in order to get there. I enjoyed it very much I decided to make a list of my top 5 favorite universes. I will warn you there are spoilers so you are warned.

Number 5:

The Blocky Animation Universe

The reason is that it reminds me of Adobe flash animation and that is a very underused medium and Family Guy used it very well. Not only that, the “nyeh” from all the characters were very hilarious too. The reason for the number 5 is that the rest are just a bit or a lot better than this one and the universe is also very short.

Number 4:

Flintstone Universe

I felt this was a great use of the fact that Fred and Wilma look a lot like Peter and Lois. They also used the rock’s jokes a whole lot which made the point that the jokes were consistently all about rocks. Also, I am a fan of the Flintstones which made this one a whole lot better. Lastly, the joke with Stewie and Brian saying “let’s get the Rock out of here” was genius.

Number 3:

Japanese invaded the US Universe

I really enjoyed this one because I’m a fan of the Japanese animes and manga. The voice actors of the universe were hilarious, especially Quagmire because that is what he’d be in if he was Japanese. I only wish they extended on this universe, but for me it was just fine.

Number 2:

Robot Chicken Universe

When I saw this first I was very excited because I’m a huge fan of the series and I never miss an episode ever. It was the perfect use just like the Flintstones universe, but this one went a whole lot further. The reason is that Stewie made fun of Chris for not being on a major network until then. If it wasn’t for my number 1 this would be my it.

And my number 1 universe is:

Disney Universe

This is no surprise at all I mean this one is just perfect and that is the bottom line. The moment I saw it I was so surprised with the animation and I wondered how they did this and who did this. The song was very funny and all the characters  into a Disney character were all top-notch and the ending was possibly the best from all the universes combined. In the end, this is my favorite universe out of all of them.

Here is my list and remember my favorite universes may be a lot different than yours.

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