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November 1, 2009 Categories: Game Reviews and Video Games. Tags: DS, Game Reviews, Nintendo, Rhythm Heaven, and Video Games. No Comments on Epic Game Review: Rhythm Heaven

It is now time for my last rhythm-based game that I’ve recently got is my favorite of them all. The game Rhythm Heaven is a very unique and innovative game to come to the DS in quite a long time. In the game the objective is to use your stylus and either flick, tap or  hold it in sync with the music in order to receive a perfect from your conductor.  Unlike the first two previously mentioned rhythm games that have music we all know, this game has it’s own soundtrack that is very addicting to listen. To also add on to this amazing game, would have to be the mini-games it self. Each game has their own interesting use of what function or functions to need to utilize in order to get a Perfect in the end. I mean what other game has you plucking beets or in a choir trio singing to the conductor or slicing vegetables with Samurai swords. While the game is exciting it is also very challenging. Any type of gamer will have all kinds of troubles trying to beat these levels that the game will throw you a bone and you can skip this level entirely and do a different one. Among the games faults, this is a great game for anyone and should be known as wonderful addition to the system.

I give it a 9.5… it was short of 10 because of how hard it was in the end.

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