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Welcome all to a brand new Epic Game Review and I will be doing things a lot differently than before. Instead of short reviews, I will be doing a much more in-depth and detailed review of my video games that I have played in my lifetime. To start the new way of reviewing, I will do one of the first games that I have played since I became a gamer way back in 1996. That certain game that I am speaking of is none other than Paperboy.  This zany title of a game was a big favorite in my house and even when we, my two brothers, break out the old NES 2, the Top Loader model, we always put Paperboy in first even before Mario Bros. or Duck Hunt. Here’s is my epic review of a highly underrated gem that was tossed aside in favor of more popular titles.

You start off right off the bat as a regular adolescent boy riding on the street with his trusty bicycle and a sack of papers for all of your paying customers who are waiting so patiently for you to deliver the good news to them. There are two paths of transportation and that is either the sidewalk or the street, but there is no difference and I presume that it is the gamers choice. The main objective to the game is to deliver all of your papers to all of your customers with blue houses and not to the red houses. Isn’t it nice to know that the people love to help the paperboy by painting their houses thus signaling him that they want his paper? Anyways, you must toss your papers to the right customers and you will receive payment or lose customers based on exactly how well you did during your route. You can also pick up packs of papers during your ride so you don’t run out of them during the game. But if you fall three times during your route you will immediately end your route and lose your payment as well as your own customers. If you lose all of your customers, you will retire as Paperboy, get a game over and you will have to start all over again from scratch.

You may think this is easy because all you move and throw your papers to your houses, but there far more at stake than giving papers to your somewhat loyal customers. There are all kinds of obstacles that will prevent you from succeeding are these strange happenings that happen on this bizarre street. You are faced with deranged mutts that won’t go away unless you throw a newspaper at it, crazy Stepford wife’s with rolling pins, a suggestive construction worker who is, at least I certainly hope he is, operating a Jackhammer, and even the Grim Reaper, the bringer of death, is trying to prevent our hero from delivering his papers. I must say this is one interesting neighborhood if they house the Grim Reaper. If you are skilled enough and I guess brave enough to trek down this “dangerous” street just to earn a quarter a paper then who am I one to judge.

When you finish your route and delivered to all your customers, you will then be in an obstacle course of full of ramps and targets. This is the games bonus stage where you can earn large amounts of points so that you can get a high score and beat out the competition, including your brothers. While this part of the game is the most enjoyable out of everything else you have done so far, it no doubt the hardest section of the entire gaming experience overall.  For some unforeseen reason, you are going at top speed unlike what you went through during your paper route. With this in motion, the turning is very lackluster and you will indeed miss a ramp and crash making you lose all the potential points you could have gotten if you had only slowed up. At the end, you are greeted by your adoring fans who cheer for you and possibly have no life at all except to watch a boy deliver newspapers. After that awkwardness is over you are shown the map of all your subscribers and non-subscribers  and it will inform you of whether someone re-subscribed or canceled their subscription to your newspaper. Also, if you keep failing you will retire as a loser and be humiliated or if you keep succeeding you will retire as a champion and be praised by your three big fans.

When it comes to controls in this game it is either hit or miss. The turning with the bicycle is very unresponsive and can serious mess up your game if you miscalculate  when to turn and avoid an obstacle. This is an instance where the game could be better if there was a joystick so that moving would be more easier and you’ll be less likely to crash and lose your game. Another fault that stems from this game is the paper throwing being too precise. What I mean by that is that you have to throw the paper exactly at the right spot in order to get signature bleep sound to give you that fact that you made a successful delivery. If you are off by a just a little the paper goes into a bush or worse window and just like in real life you have to pay for it out of your own earnings. This feature makes the game more harder and less enjoyable for those with the temper of an angry Stepford wife with a rolling pin.

Despite of all the games short comings and unearthly events, this is still an underrated classic for anyone interested in classic games. The plot and game play are simple and there is a challenge factor for all types of gamers out there. Also, it is more fun to play along side another player and play a battle of Paperboys to see who can do the best in the game. If you have a functioning NES, this game or  money to buy it I recommend it as a fan of nostalgia.

I give it a 8 out of 10 for it exciting and challenging game play but still a hard game to master even today

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