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Welcome to another Top List and this time around I will be doing my Top ten favorite attractions and also a Top 5 Shows at Disney World. Now keep this in mind I’ve been to Disney World between 1993 to my last trip in 2003 so some rides are on the list because I haven’t ridden them so I can’t rate them. So with out further ado this wish upon a star and start at number 10 of my favorite Disney World Attractions:

Number 10:

Tomorrowland Transit Authority aka, or I still call it, the Peoplemover

Now you are all probably thinking this isn’t really a ride, but to me it is a sure fire classic. You go on an adventure throughout Tomorrowland and you even go into Space Mountain at one point. The ride also has some funny futuristic humor and it is a great thing to do especially when the weather becomes inclement so this is why the Peoplemover made my list of my favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

Number 9:

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

When I was little, about maybe 7, after going through Cinderella’s Castle I see the flying elephants and I nearly lost it. It is a clear classic for anyone no matter what age. The reason it is so low is because there are so many other rides that topple Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Other than that, flying through the skies in a elephant is always a must for me and anyone else whose inner child comes at the sight of this ride.

Number 8:

Tomorrowland (Indy) Speedway

Ironically, today I’m not that good of a driver, but way back then at Tomorrowland Speedway I was actually pretty good over the years. Anyway, the ride is yet another classic where you can fulfill a childhood dream of actually driving an actually vehicle with the feel of an actual car. A must ride for anyone that are heading to the theme park at Disney World.

Number 7:

it’s a small world

What is not to enjoy the ride it’s a small world and the fact that it is such a great ride to go on. The song is both catchy and you will be humming it through the whole ride. The ride also give the riders a unique experience through all kinds of different cultures and how we are all the same and no one is considered different no matter where you are so it is actually a small world. In other words, a great ride with a perfect message towards every person that steps into the boat.

Number 6:

Haunted Mansion

I will admit when I was little the ride startled me especially with the popping heads and the very thought of death, but nowadays I’ve grown to enjoy the ride. While it is scary to this day, the special effects are amazing to this day and it has its own brand of comedy with your ghost host pulling your mind with humor even at some of the most terrifying moments. So whether you are scared out of your mind or love to good spook then head to the Haunted Mansion for a thrill and a hitchhiking ghost so you can bring back home. In fact, my family brought home so many ghost we had to sent some of them back to Florida.

Number 5:

Peter Pan’s Flight

The ride Peter Pan’s Flight is another classic in my eyes. You go on a magical adventure with just a little bit of pixie dust and possibly the best vehicle I have ever gone on. On the ride you go through the whole story of Peter Pan with Wendy, John and Michael as they face the dreaded, scurvy,¬† and dastardly pirate¬† Captain Hook and his right hand mate Smee. So be sure to not pass up the opportunity to fly in the skies of England and ride the Flight towards adventure.

Number 4:

Pirates of the Caribbean

Prepare to set sail for another adventure with Pirates again only this time they are from the Caribbean. On this flume ride, you go through the setting of the Caribbean as you encounter pirates both thieving and singing types as well. You might even meet up with Captain Jack and Barbossa. The ride also has its spooky appeal in the beginning and a swashbuckling humor in the rest of the ride and it makes it more enjoyable.

Number 3:

Big Thunder Mountain

If you want a rip roaring adventure then look no further than Big Thunder Mountain. You go through the mountains on a crazy train going who knows where which is pretty much an exciting excursion. The rest is a real surprise and a definite ride for anyone whether they are die hard rider to the fair weather rider.

Number 2:

Splash Mountain

This is not only a great ride, but also a wonderful show as well. All of the drops are amazing and the story on the ride is very engaging for any fan of Songs of the South or just the magic of Disney. Also, it says you may get wet, but what they actually mean is you will get either drenched or your head will get wet. That was just a benefit to all, but nonetheless, it is an awesome water ride.

and the Number 1 Attraction at the Magic Kingdom is:

Space Mountain

In spite of Splash being a awesome ride, Space Mountain is an all around classic in my life. You see before I was a Roller Coaster Junkie, I was a soft rider whom never rode any ride that was scary and/or bigger than me. Until one day I found a spark within me and decided to finally ride Space Mountain and the rest is history. Now the ride is a dark coaster with all kinds of surprises that will make the adrenaline rise up and make you love and cherish the fact that Roller Coasters are made.

Well this is my list and remember my favorites are a lot different than yours.

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