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Here is another edition of favorite attractions at Disney World theme parks and this time we will be heading the world of tomorrow and several other countries of Epcot Center. Keep this in mind that this is from 1993 to 2003 and some rides won’t be on for obvious reasons. Other than that, lets us begin my second list of favorite attractions at Epcot with number 10:

Number 10:

El Rio del Tiempo

Now let me start off by saying that El Rio del Tiempo isn’t my favorite slow moving water ride because mine would be it’s a small world. But the ride is still nevertheless a pure classic and it is well showing of the Mexican lifestyle and culture of the people. Now it may be a classic, but there is another water ride at Epcot that was much more exhilarating than El Rio del Tiempo. Also, the ride has gotten much better with the inclusion of one of my childhood pastimes called the Three Caballeros and the artist formally known as Donald Duck.

Number 9:


As I said before this ride bypasses El Rio del Tiempo because of one simple factor and that is the elements of surprises during the ride. Among that the ride gives the guest a wonderful representation of how Norway was and what it has become over the centuries. Also, while it is exciting it doesn’t have the classical vibe as it’s a small world, but the surprises help make it worth the wait in the long line.

Number 8:

Cranium Command

I know that this isn’t around anymore and in fact the facility is not even around at all due to the new rides. Despite that fact, this is one of my favorite shows to go on due to it humor and a complete unique way of how a human functions in our world. Each character is very funny especially the left and right brains and also the left and ventricles. In other words, this is a great show/ride experience and it is a true shame that it was closed and almost all of you won’t experience this type of attraction.

Number 7:

Universe of Energy: Ellen’s Energy Adventure

When I was young I truly enjoy this ride due to the fact that Bill Nye was in it showing us science in a funny sense of direction and today I enjoy it a lot more because I know who Ellen DeGeneres was which made the ride more exciting for me. The story and representation was well made and there are some points during it that makes going on it definitely worth the long wait.

Number 6:

Body Wars

Just like Cranium Command, this ride is also not around anymore, but it is still a favorite to me no matter what. It was your standard run of the mill simulation ride with nothing to special to its name. Although, it is pretty realistic much like those of other simulations and it was a real treat traverse the human body and face the wrath of it as well.

Number 5:

Journey into Imagination

This ride has gone through so many changes over the years and in the long run it is and always will be a classic to me. In it you go on adventure through imagination as well as your own as your own with your guide and Figment. It is truly a unique ride and Figment is a true delight to all that ride on it and worth your time to learn the fabric of imagination and among other important aspects.

Number 4:


Let me start off by saying that this area in Epcot is my favorite place to go all the time. It has all sorts of new and unique electronics and games for all guests. I still remember my first time being at Innoventions when it was new and they were showcasing the game console Dreamcast and I played Sonic Adventure 2 demo. As you can see, this is a favorite of mine and will always be for me no matter what happens to the area.

Number 3:

Spaceship Earth

This by far a sure fire classic especially for anyone who has ever been to Disney World. The ride is a fun experience through the world’s history and its future through the use of great visuals and machines. Not only the ride is great, but the building itself is a real treat as well with it being first landmark to feature a ride in it. Although it maybe old, it is still by far a great ride for anyone even today.

Number 2:

Mission: Space

I will admit that I was very hesitant and skeptical when I heard about this ride during my last trip, but that soon changed the first second this ride started. All I can say, without spoiling the ride is that, is that it does what it says a lot more than expected. In, my opinion, this is the best simulation that I have ever been on and  would have been number one if it wasn’t for the next ride taking the spot.

and my Number 1 ride at Epcot Center is:

Test Track

This ride is the best thing to happen to Epcot for a long time and has always been my favorite for years even to this day. The ride is the very example of what a thrill ride should be and anyone would just love every second of this magnificent track of steel and pavement. In other words, a must ride when you get to the park even if you have to wait in line for your time or FASTPASS.

Well here is another list and remember my opinions are a lot different then yours.

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