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August 2, 2010 Categories: Top List. Tags: Animal Kingdom, Disney, Top List, and Walt Disney World. 1 Comment on Top List: Top 5 Attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Number 5:

It’s Tough to be a Bug!

I really do enjoy this show over the years. From it’s zany humor, dark scenarios and inclusion of Bug’s Life characters to make the show an enjoyable one! A definite first show for anyone that goes to the park and is also perfect for young kids. It is certainly a great show and should not be missed at all.

Number 4:

Festival of the Lion King

Yet another great show that the Animal Kingdom can offer. The performances are really top-notch and it really makes you be part of a really amazing show. This show should not be missed too and it is definitely worth the wait to see it.

Number 3:

Primeval Whirl

This was actually my first time on a spinning coaster and it was a really fun experience. From the constant spinning to all kinds of surprises, the roller coaster is a really fun experience and make your entire day magical and exciting. If given the opportunity, you should ride the ride and experience what I had back in the day.

Number 2:


Want a fun and exciting ride for your adventure at Animal Kingdom? Then look no further than Dinosaur for your thrill adrenaline to substantially rise. I won’t say much, but it is an awesome ride and a must-ride for just about anyone. If you are like me, you’ll be riding this ride multiple times no matter what. If it weren’t for number 1 then Dinosaur would take that spot without a second thought.

And the number 1 attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

Kilimanjaro Safari

I always wanted to go on a safari, but never got the chance until Animal Kingdom opened with Kilimanjaro Safari. It is just like what you would expect in a African Safari and even more. With all kinds of animals and also a few surprises along the way, this ride has become my favorite attraction at the Animal Kingdom. The ride has everything you could ever want and people should ride it and fully experience the awesome that is Kilimanjaro Safari.

Well here is my final list for Disney World and remember my opinions may be different than yours.

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