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September 14th

Blizzard Plans To Ban Starcraft II Cheating

I have not played the game yet, but I do plan to get it soon after I played it. Granted, I have not played any of the past games before, but I always wanted to the game before so why not now.

Anyways, I am actually surprised they didn’t act upon this sooner. I mean the game has been out for less than two months and they plan to ban up to 350,000 players of committing the act of cheating while playing Starcraft II. I, personally as a gamer, am appalled at the idea of cheating in a video game. It ruins the gaming experience and makes you look really desperate to win in the game.

I think this plan is the right decision in taking down these unlawful individuals and keep the game fair for those who want to play the game without fear of the opponent cheating.

(link: Kotaku)

Facebook: The Movie “Must-see Film of the Year”

I remember back in the day, two years ago, I came across news about Facebook becoming a movie. I immediately made a MS Paint Comic about it because I thought to myself, “How obscure a about a social-networking site becoming a movie.” Sure enough, they are actually making one.

Oddly enough, it is a must-see movie about a group of college kids using a website to meet woman and later expanded to other colleges to high schools and finally anyone on the internet. They also got through all kinds of controversies and tribulations into becoming one of the Internets most popular website.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the site, but I don’t see the idea for a movie about how Facebook came to be. I guess I’ll just wait until it is release and available on Netflix.

(link: Gizmodo)

September 13th (late)

Happy Birthday 25th Birthday Mario!

I’d like to give a belated shout out to one of my favorite video game characters of all time… Mario “Jumpman” Mario. For twenty-five years, you have starred in some of the best games throughout the Nintendo systems from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Galaxy 2.

There was a rough patch with Hotel Mario and some bad education you got through that with your head held high and made some amazing games for the consoles and handhelds. I hope for another wonderful twenty-five years with great games in all kinds of genres in the near future.

To close out my entry, I hope to “see you next time” on Awesome News

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