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March 9, 2011 Categories: Anime/Manga, Announcement, Game Reviews, Me, Miscellaneous, MS Paint, News, Rant, Television, Television Show Review, Top List, Unboxing Videos, and Video Games. Tags: Angry Birds, Anime, Game Reviews, iPhone, News, Review, Technology, Television, The Under Gamer, Tiny Wings, TV Show Reviews, and Video Games. No Comments on Guess Who is Back!

Hey everyone I am back again! I’m sure you are all glad to hear from me again and excited for more content on this website. Anyways, I hope to get back in the swing of things like my Video Game Reviews, Television Show Reviews, Rants, News and even stuff you’ve never seen on my Blog.

First up, my reviews will be now called The Under Gamer Reviews or T.U.G. Reviews and I’ll review the new iPhone came that even beat out Angry Birds… Tiny Wings! (Who thought Birds and iPhone mix well enough to make great games)

Second, I’ll try and bring back the News and provide my view on all things Video Games and Technology.

Thanks for reader and hope you enjoy my “New” blog!

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