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Ok so here is the story about one thing in stores that sell DVD’s and that is their displays. So you go to one of these stores and you see a movie that looks interesting and you take it out to look into it and decide to hold off in getting it or to not get it at all. So instinct kicks in and you want to put it back in the slot, but the annoying display won’t allow you put it back. You push and it just won’t budge at all! My implication is that the store is telling you that if you take it out you must buy no matter what. Since you can’t put the DVD back you are then forced to just put the DVD to the far back and make all the customers hate your store for not allowing you to be a nice person and put a movie back in the right spot. Not only that, but the actually DVD will get crushed and bent because people try to push to far and they end up ruining the case for a potential buyer. You know what would make ours and the store owners happier is if they did away with these displays and did something like they do in a Video Store like Blockbuster or Hollywood Video stores. I know that the DVD/Blu-ray market is dwindling as we speak with services like Hulu and Netflix, but there are those who want there DVD’s in mint condition and not jammed in a slot with metal and plastic.

Overall, just find a way to better your DVD displaying purposes and maybe we all won’t get frustrated from putting a DVD back in the slot.

(Rant made possible from a conversation with my Older Brother… Thanks Bro!)

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