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After seeing TiPb’s writers do there most used apps of 2011, I’ve decided to do my own most used apps of 2011 and an excuse to blog again. Anyways, let’s begin…


I was a Tweetdeck iPhone user for years, but was immediately hooked on a new and upcoming application when I saw a Twitter user named Travis Munson using the application. The application was really impressive with the features and customization of it. The interface is smooth and you can have and use multiple accounts with ease. While it may be $2.99 in the Apple App Store, it is indeed worth it for anyone that is into Twitter.


There are all kinds of apps the fully utilize the iPhone camera with filters and whatnot, but I truly enjoyed Instagram the most this year. The simplicity and easy sharing is what won me over in this amazing application. It made my pictures much more eye catching when compared to the tradition method. While it maybe lacking in features compared to other similar applications, the fact of how simple it was to use and how wonderful the pictures look is what will make me continue to use it in the future.

Tiny Tower

When I first played this game I instantly thought it was just going to be like Angry Birds and I just play it for awhile and get bored of it, but that was not the case. I kept playing the game and tried making my tower as large as I can get. My tower may be the smallest in my circle of friends, but that is what makes Tiny Tower such an enjoyable game to just about anyone. Also, the game is free and doesn’t require players to buy money in the game unlike other games.


Besides my blog here I do have a Tumblr account and one of the ways that I added content was through the iPhone application. While most users complain about the design, I for one enjoy the application and how easy it is to put new content on your Tumblr. I am excited to see what will come from this application in the future and how my Tumblr will change because of it.

Alien Blue

Lastly, my most used application was Alien Blue, which is used to chack out Reddit. I’ve had Reddit for quite awhile, but I found no use for it until I found Alien Blue and was immediately hooked. The easy to navigate design and simple sharing was what won me over and made me look up my password in order to use it. If you are that die hard into Reddit, then you should invest some of your MB’s into this amazing application.

There you have it, my most used applications for the iPhone of 2011. Here’s to 2012 being a wonderful year and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

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