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Welcome to a new segment on my blog, where I review a smartphone application for the iPhone/Android. The first one up for review is the growing in popularity application called Viggle.

(c) Viggle

The application is quite similar to others that use the voice recognition to analyze what your listening to like Soundhound or Shazam, but this one is meant for your television. There are others that are similar, but this one is entirely different because it rewards you for watching your favorite shows. Basically, it gives the users a point a minute and for shows in primetime you can earn bonus points for checking into shows from one hundred points to as high as three hundred points. The user can then turn their earnings from watching television to rewards from donating points to organizations like the National Breast Caner Foundation or Boys and Girl Club to gift cards and electronics like a Kindle Fire and Apple TV. I know that most of you are think that this is too good to be true, but it isn’t and it is truly┬álegitimate. There are all different kinds of services that offer free products and cannot be fully trusted of which includes the famous “Free iPad” or “Free $5,000 Gift Card” and makes me avoid them. However, Viggle is completely different, for example, my brothers used some of there points on iTunes gift cards through e-mail and redeemed the money. Essentially, you can earn as many points from your favorite shows you watch and even earn points for watching advertisements, like a movie trailer for one hundred points or a Fandango one for thirty points. Their are all kinds of apps that reward you for watching television, but Viggle is the only one that gives you rewards for the time you spent watching them.

I give it a 5 out of 5 because it makes watching television watching far more rewarding and can also save you money in the future.

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