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Awesome News: June 24th 2010

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the Wii… Maybe

Hulu may come to the PS3 [Rumor]

Plants vs. Zombies Cake= Awesome

Seaman 2 possible 3DS title


Awesome News: June 23rd 2010

I Am Alive to come out in Spring of 2011

Alan Wake sequel still up in the air

Epic Mickey being Game of the Year… I hope so

Guitar Hero Queen coming next year [Rumor]

3DS to get video chat

3DS to bring in mature gamers

Farmville finally on the iPhone


Awesome News: June 22th 2010

Time for some more 3DS News with:

5 games from both Namco Bandai and Koei Tecmo

Also, 3DS to also have new Resident Evil game as well

3DS to also have Magazines and Newspapers

Finally, unknown source says 3DS to come in by Christmas [Rumor]

iPhone News:

iPhone 4′s coming in early and AT&T to not have iPhone 4 until next Tuesday


Awesome News: June 21th 2010

My apologies for no news on Friday because I was watching TheSpeedGamers Mario Marathon and couldn’t do it. Anyways,

New Xbox 360 to be $199 in the Fall

Wii Vitality still in the works… Really?!

Maybe the only good Playstation Move game, Time Crisis, to be bundled

Nintendo 3DS to come in March of 2011… Oh Yeah!

Lastly, e-reader to come back on the 3DS


Awesome News: June 16th 2010

Grand Turismo 5 Trailer at E3 and collector’s edition with release date

Silent Hill 8 coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011

New Xbox 360 and Old Xbox 360 compared

Interesting Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood collector’s edition for Europe… I’m jealous

3DS lineup of games in case you missed it

Pac-Man Championship Edition… Wonder if Billy Mitchell would buy this?

Naruto: Ninja Storm 2 at E3 with trailer

Designer of the Water Temple in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time still feels bad about the level… I forgive you Master Aonuma

Kingdom Hearts 3 still not in development as of now

New things that will be in Pokemon Black and White

Pikmin 3 being worked on right now!

3DS to come out Holiday 2010… Oh I hope so! [Rumor]

Now on to the iPhone news:

Update for iTunes to prepare users for iOS4

iPhone 4 pushed to July 14th

iPhone 4 available on eBay for thousands!!!


Awesome News: June 15th 2010

With Nintendo Conference over and with all awesome news coming to the Wii, DS and the new 3DS

3DS Specs and Details

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time coming to the 3DS?!!!

Portal 2 coming to the PS3 and with a new trailer

Playstation Move priced and dated for release in September

iPhone 4 sold out… really not that surprised


Awesome News: June 11th 2010

The 3DS? I don’t know [Rumor]

Gamers don’t likely to buy Move or Natal? I didn’t see that coming [Sarcasm]

Force Unleashed 2 to come with USB Mimobot

Duke Nukem is back on the XBLA?!!?

Joey Lagano’s new ride

Technology News:

iPhone openings set and awesome shirts also availiable

Finally, The first 90 seconds of Futurama first episode now online!!!


Awesome News: June 9th 2010

There will really be no cake… Portal 2 delayed until 2011

Splatterhouse E3 Trailer

Animal Crossing coming to the “3DS”!?! [Rumor]

Bonk! Team Fortress 2 coming to Mac Steam

Hulu expanding to Xbox 360 and iPad

Both Jurassic Park and Back to the Future being turned into episodic series from TellTale

New Kingdom Hearts coming back to the DS